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Course Syllabus for Sociology 63993 - Page 1 Course Syllabus for Sociology 63993 Graduate Statistics II Spring 2011 Instructor Richard Williams 741 Flanner (Office: 574-631-6668, Cell: 574-360-1017) Office Hours: MW 10:45-11:30 and by appointment Immediately before & after class is also good. If you have Skype we can schedule video appointments. Email: Richard.A.Williams.5@ND.EDU Personal Web Page: Course Web Page: TA: Brandon Rama Vaidyanathan 841 Flanner (Office: 574-631-4585, Cell: 574-286-6746) Office Hours: 10-12 Tuesday and by appointment Email: Time and Place Class MW 1:30-2:45, 108 DeBartolo Lab F 1:30-2:45, 331 DeBartolo Readings and Texts Multiple regression in practice, by Berry and Feldman (1985) [Required] Multiple Regression: A Primer. Paul Allison (1999) [Required] Online Readings Packet for Sociology 63993 , compiled by Williams [available in electronic form; most are recommended but not required] Statistics with Stata, updated for Version 10, by Lawrence Hamilton (2009) [suggested, not required] Spss 16.0 Statistical Procedure Companion, by Marija J. Norusis (2007) [suggested, not required] The required books are in the bookstore. The readings packet includes articles and book chapters from several sources. Additional suggested readings may be placed on reserve or made available on the World Wide Web. MOST COURSE NOTES, HANDOUTS, HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS, AND ANSWER KEYS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB. Unless I say otherwise, you are expected to print out notes beforehand and bring them with you to class. Sometimes, we may be covering topics a little ahead of schedule, so you should also try to print things out at least a week ahead. The course materials are available at:
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Course Syllabus for Sociology 63993 - Page 2 If you are having trouble accessing or printing the handouts, you should speak to me or the TA immediately. Don’t wait until the last minute to print something. Classroom Format/Readings/Exams, Homework, Paper Readings & Lecture. I will lecture heavily from the handouts I give you, deviating as the need arises. You should at least skim through handouts before class and be prepared to ask questions. Occasionally I will give you short exercises to work on in class. Obviously, the readings can go into much more depth than I can in class. They also provide additional examples. You may find that the course notes are adequate for most of your needs, but at a minimum I would suggest going over the excellent and concise Allison and Berry and Feldman books carefully. You should definitely do the recommended readings whenever you want additional help. I will indicate when I think the readings will be especially useful. Parts of the readings sometimes go well beyond what is covered in this class, so do not be frustrated if you can’t always follow them. Stata and SPSS.
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syl63993 - Course Syllabus for Sociology 63993 Graduate...

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