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Savannah V Lavenstein Poetry Explication Essay 11-13-07 Professor Hess Mankind is created in the image of God, yet is given an innate desire to discover satisfaction for a spiritual hunger, a sorrow insatiable with anything of this world. In “I Measure Every Grief I Meet,” by Emily Dickinson, using allusion, tone, and syntax, the inquisition of the narrator to resolve his or her own shortcomings and sorrows is achieved in the manifestation of grief, as the sacrifice of Jesus. Dickinson is then able to contrast the cure of grief, as the redemption through the sacrifice of Jesus, with the grief that man experiences daily. Grief is only defeated by the acceptance and realization of the ultimate grief. Dickinson begins with a declaration of her interest in the comparison of her own sufferings and grief to that of others around her. “Grief” is capitalized in the poem in order to convey not only emphasis on the magnitude and permanence of grief, but also to imply the person the grief inhabits. Syntax concerning her use of the word “probing,” provides imagery as to how deep in one’s self that grief may exist. The first and second stanzas follow a tone of comparison and inquisition between her own sorrows and those of the people she observes. She muses at the possible lengths that others may have been possessed by their sorrows, whereas hers “feels so old a pain--”. The third stanza carries a tone of deep melancholy. The illusion to an ultimate grief, that one may only escape through death. “I wonder if it hurts to live--” This line grasps the reader, and uses a common saying, “it hurts”, which is used normally in the context of
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dickinson - Savannah V Lavenstein Poetry Explication Essay...

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