hw18 - = G/J H/K . [ Suggestion: Use the rst isomorphism...

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Modern Algebra 1 Homework 8.2 Spring 2010 Due March 24 Exercise 5. Let G be a group. Show that if H and K are both normal subgroups of G and H K = { e } then xy = yx for all x H and y K . [ Hint: Consider the element xyx - 1 y - 1 .] Exercise 6. Let G and H be groups and let J G and K H . a. Prove that J × K G × H . b. If J C G and K C H then J × K C G × H and ( G × H ) / ( J × K )
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Unformatted text preview: = G/J H/K . [ Suggestion: Use the rst isomorphism theorem.] c. Is every subgroup of G H of the form J K ? Exercise 7. If m and n are not relatively prime show that Z m Z n is not cyclic. Exercise 8. Lang, II.4.29....
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