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Intro to Abstract Math Homework 2 Fall 2009 Due September 4 Exercise 4. Identify the prime sentences in each of the following statements, and then express each statement symbolically. a. “If I am either tired or hungry, then I cannot study.” b. “If it is over 100 degrees tomorrow, then either John must stay indoors or he must wear a hat.” c. “If either the Cardinals or the Cubs lose and the Reds win, then the Brewers will be out of first place and, moreover, I will lose a bet with my friend Tony.”
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Unformatted text preview: d. “Chris will take the dog for a walk, unless it’s raining.” [Hint: Try to rephrase this sentence using the words if and then instead of unless .] e. “The sum of an even integer and an odd integer is an odd integer.” Exercise 5. Complete the following truth table. What do you notice about the last two columns? P Q ¬ P ¬ Q P ∨ Q ¬ ( P ∨ Q ) ( ¬ P ) ∧ ( ¬ Q ) T T T F F T F F...
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