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hw05 - An natural number p ≥ 2 is called prime if the...

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Intro to Abstract Math Homework 5 Fall 2009 Due September 14 Exercise 13. Let x, y Z . Prove that if xy is odd then x and y are both odd. Exercise 14. Prove that all prime numbers greater than 2 are odd. Exercise 15. Show that log 2 (3) is irrational. Notation: For a, b Z if a divides b we write a | b . Definition:
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Unformatted text preview: An natural number p ≥ 2 is called prime if the only natural numbers that divide p are 1 and p . Theorem: Let a,b ∈ Z and p ∈ N . If p is prime and p | ab then p | a or p | b . Recall: log a ( x ) = y if and only if a y = x ....
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