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1 tom.h.wilson [email protected] Dept. Geology and Geography West Virginia University EXTRA CREDIT - Term Report Consider doing a term report for 5% extra credit (8% with poster). Term reports are expected to be typed, double spaced, using times new roman 12 point font, default word margins, and at least 7 pages in length not including figures and references. Your topic should illustrate a mathematical application in Geology. For ideas, visit faculty whose teaching and research expertise interest you most and ask them for some examples. You can also explore the internet to search for mathematical applications in geology applications in geology. Let me know after spring break if you have a topic in mind.
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2 Some review …. ) ln( 2 x y dx dh dh dy dx dy . x dx x d 1 ) (ln How about 2 (ln( )) cx dx e dx •The derivative of Given ) ln( x y Other bases … logarithmic functions Given > x dx dy 1 •For the more general case where the base is ) ( log x y a unequal to e log ( ) log ( ) aa e dx x Log 10 (e)=0.434
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calclec4 - tom.h.wilson [email protected] Dept...

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