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PresentationOutlineCPS1 - years ago(4 points iii When did...

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10 Presentation Outline – Computer Problem Set 1 Problems 2-11 & 2-12 2-11 a) Present the graph of Age versus Depth (5 points). Label to note regions with different sedimentation rates. b) Present your calculations. Organize them in a step by step fashion. Don’t just write down the answer. Show the details. i) What was the sedimentation rate during the past 10,000 years? (2 points) ii) What was the sedimentation rate during the preceding 5000 years (~ 10,000 to 15,000
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Unformatted text preview: years ago)? (4 points) iii) When did sedimentation cease? (4 points) 2-12 a) Present your graph. (5 points) b) Present hand calculations of the concentration after 50% crystallization. (3 points) c) Using your calculated data tables compare the change in concentration from 85% to 75% liquid fraction with that occurring between 55% and 45%. (2 points)....
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