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Chapter 5 Homework Assignment Due: see Game Plan. Pp. 221 and following: Self-Test ST 5-2, Problem 5-1, 5-7, 5-9, 5-12 (see Table 5.8, pg. 209), 5-15, 5-17, 5- 19, and 5-24. Chapter 5: Help on Standard Deviation Calculation: Follow Table 5.5, page 203, and watch how the columns are used in each of these steps: 6 steps (5 steps if Step 1 already done for you): Step 1 – (If not already calculated for you.) Calculate expected return by multiplying each outcome by its associated probability, and then adding the products (see Table 5.4, page 202, for an example).
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Unformatted text preview: Step 2 For each outcome (row), subtract the expected return from the individual return outcome (see Table 5.5, pg. 203 to see this worked for you). Step 3 Square the differences from Step 2. Step 4 Multiply the squared differences from Step 3 by the associated probabilities. Step 5 Sum the products from Step 4. Step 6 Take the square root of the sum from Step 5. On HP 10-BII calculator, when number is in display, use SHIFT and the [ - ] key to get the square root....
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