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Box 1 – 4e (Lawrence Gitman) Authored by John Zietlow, Prof. of Finance, Malone College Focus on Practice: Ethics at Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard was started in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard based on principles of fair dealing and respect—long before anyone coined the expression “corporate social responsibility.” H-P credits its ongoing commitment to “doing well by doing good” as a major reason why employees, suppliers, customers, and shareholders seek it out. H-P is clear on its obligation to increase the market value of its common stock, yet it strives to maintain the integrity of each employee in every country in which it does business. H-P's “Standards of Business Conduct” include this warning to employees, especially finance staffers (pg. 1): HP employees at every level must comply with these Standards, and associated policies and guidelines. Failure to do so is considered misconduct and may lead to termination of employment.
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