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Quality_Control_Notes - α i to μ i Both of the endogenous...

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EC 671 Quality Control Notes Lecture 1: Bottom of Page 5 Independent pooling data can also control for the effects of w t and z i (The subscripts need to be changed to be consistent with page 1.) Bottom of Page 8 a 1 = a 2 = a 3 … = α N which is N-1 restrictions Bottom of Page 16 Add the following: If H o is not rejected then α i is a constant, and therefore OLS is preferred Last line of Page 20 Add the following: If null is not rejected, prefer RE Lecture 2: Top of Page 10 In reference to the 2 endogenous variables, change
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Unformatted text preview: α i to μ i Both of the endogenous variables should indicate “Corr with μ i but not with ε it ” Top of Page 36 Variable ∆ x it γ should indicate “strictly exogenous” Variable ∆ w it δ should indicate “weakly exogenous” Variable ∆ R it c should indicate “feedback effect plus contemporaneous correlation” Middle of Page 35 s ≥ 2 should be changed to s ≥ 1...
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