lab 3 - Dispersion

lab 3 - Dispersion - Physics 123 Lab #3 Dispersion...

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Lab 3 – pg 1 Physics 123 Identification Number _________________ Lab #3 Dispersion In this lab you will use a computer simulation to study how wave packets propagate in linear media. You will study both non-dispersive media in which sine-waves of all wavelengths travel at the same speed (like, for example, light traveling in a vacuum) as well as dispersive media (like light traveling through a piece of glass, electron quantum waves traveling through space, and just about every other real system). The first step is to go to the class website and click the “Lab 3 - Dispersion” link. You can run the applet and get additional help there. Once the applet is running, you should see a screen with two graphs and some text. The next step is to click on the red “get help” button in the upper left- hand corner and read the instructions for the software. Before proceeding, you may want to play with the program for a bit to make sure that you understand how it works. Uncertainty First let’s explore the uncertainty which is inherent in waves. To do this, first click on “Reset All.” In the upper graph you should see a depiction of a Gaussian wave packet (a little “burst” of a sine-wave with a Gaussian-shaped “envelope”). In the lower graph you can see the spectrum of the pulse (the amplitude of each of the sine waves which the computer added together to make the wave packet in the upper graph). On the far right-hand side of the program the computer displays Δ x ; (the standard deviation of the pulse in space), Δ k (the standard deviation of the pulse’s spectrum), and the product of the two. We learned in class that in order to make pulses which were very narrow in space, we have to
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lab 3 - Dispersion - Physics 123 Lab #3 Dispersion...

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