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MATH 119 Sample A (Sectons 1.6, 1.7) NAME: Class ID #: 1) You open an IRA account with an initial deposit of $8,000 which will accumulate tax-free at 4 % per year, compounded continuously. a) How much (to the nearest penny) will you have in your account after 10 years? b) How long does it take your initial investment to double? 2) If 200 people have a cellular telephones in a company of 1000 employees. If the number of cellular phones was growing at 10% a year and the number of employees at 2% per year. How long will it take to have one cellular phone per employee? (assume continuous growth) 3) A fishery stocks a pond with 2000 young trout. The number of the original trout still alive after t years is given by: t e t P 4 . 0 2000 )
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Unformatted text preview: ( − = a) How many trout left after 6 months b) At what time will there be 200 of the original trout left? 4) At what interest rate, when compounded continuously, will an investment double in 5 years? 5) It is determined that the value of a certain computer declines exponentially. A computer purchased 2 years ago for $5,000 is worth only $2,500 today. What will the value of the computer be 2 years from now? 6) The half-life of a certain radioactive substance is 10 days. If there are 8 grams initially: a) Find the rate b) when will the substance be reduced to 2 grams? 7) a) Convert the function t e P 04 . 5000 = to the form t a P P o = b) Convert the function t P ) 03 . 1 ( 100 = to the form t e P P o =...
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