BouncingBall - CSC 113, Fall 2010 Lab Assignment 6 This...

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Unformatted text preview: CSC 113, Fall 2010 Lab Assignment 6 This assignment develops an animation in which a ball drops due to gravity, and (with some further work) bounces back again. First we need to set up a canvas and a bounding box, which can be achieved using the following MATLAB code within a script file, that we can name “bounce.m”: figure (1); axis (’off’); % Create box xbox = [0 0 10 10 0]; ybox = [0 10 10 0 0]; bbox = line (xbox,ybox); Run the script; it should create a graphics window that looks something like this: The figure(1) command creates a figure window, and the axis(’off’) command removes the normal x- and y-axes, leaving a blank canvas. The line(xbox,ybox) command, finally, draws a box by connecting the points contained in the vectors xbox and ybox . Next, we need to create a circle, and insert it in the figure. To create a circle, we recall (from the first day of class) that the sine and cosine functions may be defined, respectively, as the y- and x-coordinates of a point on the unit circle, whose angle (in radians ) is the length of the arc from the point (1 , 0) to that point on the circle. As such, the set of ( x, y ) pairs which trace a circle may be generated as follows: 1 theta = linspace (0,2 * pi ,100); xcirc = cos (theta); ycirc = sin (theta); In effect, theta contains successive angle values in radians, running from 0 to 2 π , while xcirc and ycirc contain the x- and y-coordinates of points on the unit circle at these angular values....
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This note was uploaded on 02/29/2012 for the course CSC 113 taught by Professor Phillipregali during the Fall '10 term at Catholic University of America.

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BouncingBall - CSC 113, Fall 2010 Lab Assignment 6 This...

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