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CSC 113 Midterm Project: Class Average Assigned: October 15, 2010 Due: October 29, 2010 Objective: To test your knowledge of loops, strings, matrix references, and processing data in matrices as well as introducing the concepts of cell arrays and reading .xls files Assignment: Write a MATLAB function that processes class grades stored in an Excel file. Your function should calculate each student’s average and plot a histogram of the class grades. Inputs: Excel spreadsheet filename (string) Outputs: List of students in the class (cell array) Student final grades (vector) The final grade should be calculated according to the following rubric: The combined test average should account for 50% of the final grade The combined quiz average should account for 30% of the final grade The combined homework average should account for 20% of the final grade Your function should also exclude the test score with the lowest class average when calculating final
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Unformatted text preview: averages. To view an example function and to download sample .xls files, visit the CSC 113 website. Your function does not need to be able to read any files that are not in this format, but you cannot make your program specific to one Excel file - it must be able to accept different numbers of tests, quizzes, and homework assignments. Your program should behave similarly to the example. Submission: Projects will be graded in class on Friday, October 29. You must be present to receive a grade, and you should be prepared to explain how sections of your code work. Late projects will not be accepted . Hints: To import an Excel file into MATLAB, use the xlsread function. You can plot a bar graph using the bar function. Help: Steven Hair [email protected] Nathan Doane [email protected] Office Hours: Mondays 10:00-11:00am Thursdays 3:00-5:00pm Website: http://faculty.cua.edu/regalia/csc113...
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