hw1 - 1a is for practice, and need not be turned in.) The...

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CSC 113 Homework Assignment 1 Assigned September 13, 2010; Due September 20, 2010. 1. You are constructing a hemispherical dome with an outer radius of 50 feet. The walls will be solid concrete 8 inches thick. How many cubic yards of concrete will be needed? Use M ATLAB to solve this problem using: (a) the command line; (b) a script file (with extension .m ); 50' 8" 2. Write a M ATLAB script file that generates the following matrices: (a) A 5 × 8 matrix with rows alternating between 1 and 2; (b) A column vector of numbers that increase from 0 to 100 in steps of 5; (c) A 1 × 30 row vector of numbers that are evenly spaced between - 5 and 15; (d) A 10 × 10 checkerboard pattern of numbers that alternate between + 1 and - 1. Only turn in ONE script file, which generates the solutions to 1b) and all four arrays of 2. (Part
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Unformatted text preview: 1a is for practice, and need not be turned in.) The script le should only print out the answers, not intermediate quantities, so use the semi-colon at the ends of lines whose echoed output is not needed. Please name your le lastname hw1.m (without the quotes, and substituting your actual last name) and include your name and section number (01 or 02) as a commented line at the top of the script (recall that the percentage sign % initiates a comment line): % CSC 113, Section 01, Joe Biden, Homework 1 % % Question 1: Cubic yards = . .. . . . % % Question 2: Array1 = . .. Array2 = . .. Array3 = . .. Array4 = . .. % End of file Send your script to csc113hw@gmail.com...
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