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CSC 113 Homework 4 Assigned: October 4, 2010 Due: October 12, 2010 1) The purpose of this assignment is to make use of newly learned conditional statements and ‘for’ loops in analyzing a matrix of integers. Two text files will be available on the class website containing matrices and the answers to each. You must write a function file that will determine: a. The quantity of odd numbers b. The quantity of negative numbers c. The number of times the scalar “–13” appears d. The quantity of scalars greater than or equal to 45. The function must have the matrix filename as the input, and the file must be read and analyzed within the function. There should be no numerical output. The answers to a-d must be printed to the command window through the frprintf command. The function cannot be specific to one matrix - two test matrices will be available online at http://faculty.cua.edu/regalia/csc113h with their respective results. Your code will be tested using a third, different matrix. Turn in your function .m file to
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