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Unformatted text preview: CSC 113, Fall 2010 Lab Assignment 5 1. Write a M ATLAB function file that that sorts a vector of numbers from the smallest to the largest, without using the M ATLAB sort command. The input to the program should be a vector containing the values to sort, and the output should be a vector of the same size, containing the sorted values. 2. Consider a character array containing names having different lengths, created using the char() function: >> NameArray = char(’Holly’,’Steven’,’Meagan’,’David’,’Micheal’,’andy’) This will create a 6 × 7 array, with NameArray(2,1) containing the character S, and NameArray(2,2) containing the character t, and so on. Write a M ATLAB script (not function) which sorts the names in alphabetical order, with the result stored in an array called SortedNames: % Script to sort names % % Set up initial array: % NameArray = char(’Holly’,’Steven’,’Meagan’,’David’,’Micheal’,’andy’); % % Initialize output array: % SortedNames = NameArray; % % Sort the entries of SortedNames into alphabetical order: % (Your code goes here) ...
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