trig-TI83 - Trigonometry on the TI-83/84 Degrees and...

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Trigonometry on the TI - 83/8 4 Degrees and Radians Setting the calculator's angle mode : 1. Press MODE . 2. The third option sets whether commands that returns angles return them in degrees or radians. 3. Set this to Radians. The ANGLE menu : First, enter this submenu by typing 2nd ANGLE . Some if the items are (The rest will be discussed later.) º :converts the previous number from degrees to the current units. r :converts the previous number from radians to the current units. ' :separates entries for degrees'minutes'seconds' for conversion to degrees. DMS :converts degrees to degreesºminutes'seconds" Example#1: Convert π to degrees. 1. Try typing π r and press ENTER . It returned "3.14159265359" because the calculator is in radian mode. 2. Change the mode to degrees and execute the command again. 3. Now the calculator returns "180". So, the answer is 180º. 4. Set the calculator back to radian mode. Example#2: Convert 330º to radians. 1. Type 330º and press ENTER . 2. It returns "5.759586532". I strongly suggest leaving the calculator in radian mode and using the º function when using degree measurements (with 1 exception. see ex.3). This will simplify trying to remember what mode the calculator is in and reinforce the use of the º symbol which is required for degree measurements. There are only a few cases that the calculator has to be switched to degree mode (see ex. 1,11,12&14). Example#3: Convert 57.762º to DMS. 1. Type 57.762 DMS and press ENTER . Don't use the º function here since the DMS function expects degrees and the º would convert it to radians. 2. It returns " 57º45 ' 43.2 " ". Example#4: Convert 8º34 ' 6.5 " to degrees rounded to the 5th decimal place. 1. Type 8º34'6.5" and ENTER . The " symbols is in green over the + key. 2. It returns "8.568472222". Thus, the answer is 8.56847º. 3. Also, note that being in radian mode didn't matter. Example#5: Convert 8º34 ' 6.5 " to radians rounded to the 5th decimal place. 1. Type
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trig-TI83 - Trigonometry on the TI-83/84 Degrees and...

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