virtualiZation - aggregation, and execution efficiency OS...

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Hardware based Virtualization Full Virtualization: No modification to Guest OS VMM (VM monitor) or Hypervisor provides H/W resources transparently (e.g., VMWare ESX Server, HP Integrity Server Para Virtualization: Guest OS needs to be modified since VMM provides about 50% of H/W resources transparently Pre Virtualization: Guest OS does not need to be modified (transparency is provided by in-place VMM) Performance debate between Full vs Para vs Pre Virtualizations in terms of consolidation, isolation,
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Unformatted text preview: aggregation, and execution efficiency OS based virtualization Paene virtualition is OS based virtualization Solaris 10 virtualization is actually paene-virtualition: with zone (or container) concept for resource isolation, name space isolation, security isolation, and fault isolation Java Virtualization is language based virtualization...
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