safire - On the next page you'll find an Op-ed essay that...

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On the next page you’ll find an Op-ed essay that appeared in the New York Times , penned by William Safire. Mr. Safire is famously literate. Unfortunately, he is not equally numerate. Can you spot the problem with his handicapping?
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New York Times , June 25, 2001, p. A17 have to advertise heavily coming out of the starting gate to show he's "not that Kerrey." Pat Leahy (6-1), Vermont chairman of Judiciary who will became nationally known at storm center of Supreme Court confirmations. Comes across on TV as soft-spoken but hard- headed; was loyal and effective Clinton defender. Starts far off pace and. on the outside but could close unexpectedly in stretch. Joe Lieberman (5-1), now a familiar face with few gatives who would deliver centrist and faith-based voters. ne WASHINGTON To the question "How's your wife?" the comedian Henny Youngman would reply "compared to who?" He should have said with whom , of course, but the political point is valid: between campaigns, those polled tend to judge incumbents in a vacuum. We will put that right today. Much was made of a New York Times/CBS News poll showing a four point dip in Bush the Younger's job approval ratings over the past month However, the Gallup poll showed virtually no change in that period, and the most
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safire - On the next page you'll find an Op-ed essay that...

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