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31 456 Applied Econometrics Assessment Exercise 1 2005/2006 This assessment exercise is based on the computer laboratory exercises 1, 2 and 3. That is, it covers dynamic regression model estimation techniques and the ‘general- to-specific’ modelling strategy; model misspecification testing; and the use of the IV estimator. It does not include panel data techniques. You are expected to compile a portfolio of output from the exercises, and to do the following: write a commentary explaining what you have done; explain how the output can be interpreted; state and justify the inferences that you have drawn; present a short summary of the conclusions that you have reached. Some Guidelines 1. Although you may have worked jointly with one or more individuals in the computer labs, we expect each person to work alone in undertaking the tasks listed by the bullet points above for this assignment. Collaboration in producing – as opposed to background preparation for - your assessed coursework exercise
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