Psychology chapter 3 notes

Psychology chapter 3 notes - -THC, briefly offered as...

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NT’s Glutamate-relays sensory info, learning -targeted by alcohol, anesthetic drugs GABA-main inhibitory NT -targeted by alcohol and non anxiety drugs Acetylcholine-muscle contraction, cortical arousal, wakefulness, attention -botox, nicotine Norepinephrine-brain arousal, mood, sleep, hunger, “fight or flight”, produced in brain stem -amphetamines, newer antidepressants, ADHD Dopamine-motor function, reward, substantia nigra -targeted in schizophrenia Serotonin-mood and temp regulation, aggression, sleep cycles, produced in brain stem -antidepresants Endorphines-pain reduction, increase euphoria -targeted by narcotics Anandamides-pain reduction, increase appetite
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Unformatted text preview: -THC, briefly offered as weight loss drug Cerebral Cortex Frontal lobe-memory, learning, problem solving, executive functions-aspects of personality, self awareness, foreplanning Parietal lobe-integrates sensory input and motor function, special maps of body/world-damages affect sensory, perception-aphasias, agnosias, prosopagnosias, contralateral neglect, alien hand syndrom Temporal lobe-hearing, understanding language, storing autobiographical memories-contains auditory cortex and Wernickes area, speech comprehension Occipital lobe-integrates vision, visual cortex...
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