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Christopher Columbus October 12, 1492 Searching for East Indies Found “America” Wanted to recruit natives diplomatically/conversion Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria From Genoa, Italy Trip financed by Spain Wanted to spread Catholicism Wanted gold and slaves Wanted to find a trade route to India/China Found mainland S. America in 1498 Read Ptolemy’s geography-idea that world was round Contemplated discovery of Antipodes Millenialism-1,000 years
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Unformatted text preview: Reconquista Influenced by Marco Polo Spain wanted western route to avoid Portugal and Ottoman Empire 4/5 of original population of Hispanola died after Columbus arrived Letter from Columbus Uses own country to understand new land Women work more than men Natives taught him a lot Makes himself sound heroic No monstrocities Forbode indiscriminant trade (gain trust)...
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