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spanish vocabulary - Cotidiana-daily La creencia-belief...

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Cotidiana-daily La creencia-belief Dirigirse a-to address El disparate-nonsense En cambio-on the other hand, but, however Es decir-that is Equivocarse-to make a mistake, be wrong Por un/otro lado-on the one/other hand La semejanza-similarity La tarea-task, homework Ser confuse-to be unclear, confusing (inanimate subject) Estar confuso/a y confundido/a-to be confused, mixed up (animate subject) Tratar a alguien-to treat someone Tratar de + inf-to try to Tratar de + sust-to deal with Tratarse de-to be a question of, be about, be Analfabeto- illiterate Controvertido/a-controversial Desatar-to unleash Descartar-to rule out, dismiss, reject the possibility La frontera-border, frontier, boundary Gravemente-seriously La jerga-jargon, slang Pasajero/a (adj)-temporary, passing El porvenir-future La lengua, el idioma-language El lenguaje-specialized language Comprobar-to check, find out, verify Probar-to test, prove, to taste Probarse-to try on Proximo/a-next (for future action) Siguiente-next (for past actions)
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spanish vocabulary - Cotidiana-daily La creencia-belief...

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