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Mercantilism - Typology-originates with Old and New...

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Mercantilism-government regulates economy -export more than import -monopoly by mother country (new countries could not produce goods that would Compete with mother country) Contact zone-two cultures mix to produce new mix or culture Culumbus’ letter was written in 1493, de Castillo’s written in 1500’s Culumbus was more in favor of the king De Castillo was more descriptive Castillo builds up Montezuma’s image to show how great of a man they conquered -dexcription of Montezuma emphasizes that he was there Cortes-not a good politician, on Montezuma’s arrest Cortes could not convince him to come
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Unformatted text preview: Typology-originates with Old and New Testament, everything in old Testament anticipates Everything in New Testament People were interested in the Reconquest because they wanted to bring about 2 nd coming of Israel Native Account-at first honor Cortes and think he is generous and kind, made sacrifices for him-blame Montezuma’s arrest on God’s, not Cortes-have different ways of understanding Spanish (bullets-metal darts)...
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