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health Final Exam Study Guide
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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Study Guide Spring 2011 Contraception and Safer Sex a. Compare and contrast use and effectiveness of the various contraceptive methods -top 3 1.female sterilization 2. birth control pills 3. male condom-Mirena-insert into Uterus, left for 5-7 years, effective 99.9% of time-Patch-wear patch for three weeks, one week patch free, effective 92%-pills(combined oral contraceptives)-one pill same time everyday, 92% effective-progestin only pills-one pill same time everyday, 92% effective-nuvaring-wear for 21-28 days, no ring for 0-7 days, 92% effective-spermicides-place in vagina prior to sexual contact, 71-87% effective-male sterilization-removes and ties or burns part of vas deferens, 99.85% effective-female sterilization-removes, ties, or burns or blocks off part of fallopian tube, 96.3-99.2% effective-withdrawal- withdraw penis from vagina before ejaculation, 73% effective b. Identify the risks associated with various sexual behaviors and how to make them safer-STDs-monogamous relationships, condom use, avoidance of traumatic sex, genital self evaluation-pregnancy-abstinence c. Identify methods and techniques to negotiate safer sex practices...
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