regression analysis, drunk driving

regression analysis, drunk driving -...

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Introduction to Statistical Methods                                            Professor  S. Mialon ECON 220 Homework Assignment #6 Ch 16 Simple Linear Regression  Due: Friday  12/02/2011 by 7:00pm No late submission will be accepted.   Name:_ ____________________ We aim to examine the impact of tax polices related to alcohol consumption on alcohol related  traffic fatalities. That is, our proposed model is Y a bX ε = + + , where Y is alcohol related traffic fatalities, X is tax policy that is related to alcohol consumption,   is the error term ( residuals). I. Motivation (i) How do you think alcohol taxes can affect alcohol related traffic fatalities? I think that alcohol taxes will decrease the amount of alcohol related traffic fatalities. (ii)  What is the predicted direction of the relationship between the two variables? I think that there will be a negative relationship between these two variables.  As taxes go  up, traffic fatalities will go down. II. Data collection   1. Find the state-level tax data  (there are various data sources for these) 2. Find the motor vehicle fatality data along with the information about whether drunk  drivers were involved in the fatality.  (data source: Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)   )
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regression analysis, drunk driving -...

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