241 W12 Consumer Behavior Part 1

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 •  Homework Assignment #1 is due today. •  1 page paper (See Blackboard for Assignment Details) •  5% point reduction for each day late •  Another new TA has been hired! A couple more to come. •  Jacob Low ([email protected]) •  Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 - TNRB 689 Plus, don’t forget Chantel. •  Chantel Laser ([email protected]) •  Office Hours: Monday at 3:00 and Thursday at 11:00 - TNRB 689 ¡༊  A consortium of 30 top U.S. business schools that conducts undergraduate business courses on a campus in Paderno, Italy. ¡༊  Paderno is a small town located about 45 miles northwest of Venice. ¡༊  The program is May 14 – June 8, 2012. ¡༊  The program is structured so that students have the weekends free to travel. ¡༊  The professors are from U.S. business schools, including two from the Marriott School. ¡༊  The courses are taught in English. ¡༊  About 200 students participate. ¡༊  You may select two courses (6 credit hours) from 14 course offerings. ¡༊  Courses include introductory finance, introductory marketing, international business, business law, money and banking, entrepreneurship, and intercultural communication. ¡༊  Course credits are transferable to BYU. ¡༊  The projected cost is $5970 which includes tuition, books, meals, and room. ¡༊  This does not include airfare to Italy and week- end travel costs. ¡༊  Some scholarship awards are available. BYU students have a good record in receiving these. ¡༊  Any BYU scholarships, awards, and grants may be applied. ¡༊  Contact the Marriott School faculty who will be teaching: §༊  Brent Wilson, 460 TNRB §༊  Robert Crawford, 620 TNRB ¡༊  Go to the CIMBA website, www.cimbaitaly.com Define problem Design research project Collect data Analyze data Prepare results Exploratory Descriptive Models and simula.ons Experiments Panels Surveys Observa7on Qualita.ve Informal External Internal Secondary Primary Causal Understand Value Context “The 4 C’s” Company Consumers Segment Competitors Target Channel Position (Differentiate) Create Value “The Marketing Mix – The 4 P’s” Product Capture Value Sustain Value Place Promotion Price “CRM” Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Pro ts Some people fear power of studying consumer behavior. There is only one boss--the customer. And he/she can re everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. --Sam Walton Listen to the whispers so you don’t have to hear the screams --Cherokee Saying “killing the roaches with a bug spray and watching them squirm and die allowed the women to express their hostility toward men and have greater control over the roaches” ;-) ...
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