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quiz4_sol_ma262 - MATH 262 Quiz 4 September 29 Name...

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Unformatted text preview: MATH 262 Quiz 4 September 29 \ Name: Lng/‘J’H‘h Section: PID: Solve the problem systematically and neatly and show all your work. A=l Elbll (a) (2 pts) Write the system of equations with the given coefficient matrix A and right~hand-side vector b. 1. Let I—‘Ml—I comm meow (b) (2 pts) Find A#, the augmented matrix of the system. (c) (2 pts) Find a row echelon form (REF) of A#. (d) (2 pts) Find the reduced row echelon form (RREF) of A#. (e) (2 pts) Find the solution of the system with the augmented matrix which is the REF of A#inpart(c). 11+?X1’X33I gnu—x», — X; t 3 er + K)“, f‘ Mg :6 Vi é}; @3 bl X ( f o— \H/ ...
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