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VERSION 00000003 COMPSCI 101 CONTINUED THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND FIRST SEMESTER, 2011 Campus: City COMPUTER SCIENCE TEST Principles of Programming (Time Allowed: 75 minutes) Note: The use of calculators is NOT permitted. For Section A, use a dark pencil to mark your answers in the answer boxes on the Teleform sheet. There is one correct answer per question. Each question is worth 2 marks. For Section B, write your answers in the spaces provided in this booklet. Write as clearly as possible. The space provided will generally be sufficient but is not necessarily an indication of the expected length. Extra space is provided at the end of this exam book. Surname: First Name(s): Student ID: Login Name (UPI): LAB TIME: where your marked test will be returned Day of week Starting time of lab –– MARKERS ONLY –– Question Marks Out Of 1 - 20 40 21 23 22 22 23 15 Total 100
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