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L32 - Rectangles How to construct intersects contains 4...

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CompSci 101 Lecture 31 1 Computer Science 101 SS C Lecture 32 Exam Details Game Competition! Exam Format Short answer questions – about 35% Long answer questions (writing code etc.) – about 65 % No multichoice! 50% Adriana, 50% Alastair 2 How to study Look over the Test (the answers are now online) Look over all your assignments Look over the lab preparation sheets AND excercises Look over the exercises from the lectures Look over past exams 3 Topics from Alastair ʼ s Part Arrays of objects - Behave just as arrays of primitives - ObjectType[] a; a[i] is just an ObjectType variable Points - How to construct, translate(), move()
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Unformatted text preview: Rectangles- How to construct, intersects(), contains() 4 Topics from Alastair ʼ s Part JPanels- Componenets which can be added- paintComponent() method and drawing ActionEvents- adding ActionListeners, actionPerformed(), e.getSource() MouseEvents adding MouseListeners, mousePressed(), e.getX(), e.getPoint(), etc. 5 Topics from Alastair ʼ s Part KeyEvents- adding KeyListeners, KeyPressed(), e.getKeyCode(), KeyEvent.VK_UP, etc. Timer- Using the ActionListener for animation- new Timer(…,this), t.start(), t.stop(), t.isRunning() 6...
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