MFET 243 Lab 2 Fall 09 - MFET 243 Laboratory Assignment #2...

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MFET 243, Lab #2 page 1 of 8 MFET 243 Laboratory Assignment #2 Fall ‘09 Working with Universal Remote I/O Objectives: This assignment will show how universal remote I/O (RIO) can be integrated into a ControlLogix PLC system. In this assignment you will learn how to configure and use Allen-Bradley’s pushbutton RediPANEL. You will also learn how to create alias tags using Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet. The pushbutton RediPANEL will provide us with 8 additional pushbuttons and pilot lights that will be used in future assignments. Preparation: It is assumed that your instructor has delivered the presentation entitled “Universal Remote I/O.” This presentation: Provides a brief overview of Allen-Bradley’s universal remote I/O Illustrates how to program the pushbutton RediPANEL Provides an introduction to the 1756-DH/RIO communications module Shows how to configure remote I/O using RSLogix 5000 Refer to the presentation entitled “Universal Remote I/O” as necessary. Background: It is assumed you have completed laboratory assignment #1, “Working with Local I/O.” In laboratory assignment #1 you performed the following tasks: a) You configured local I/O for the discrete AC input module located in slot 6. b) You configured local I/O for the discrete AC output module located in slot 7. c) You created I/O alias tags for the local I/O shown in Table 1.
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MFET 243, Lab #2 page 2 of 8 Table 1 – Local I/O Alias Tags Field Device Base Address Alias Name Description Pushbutton 0 Local:6:I.Data.0 I_PB0 Pushbutton 0 Pushbutton 1 Local:6:I.Data.1 I_PB1 Pushbutton 1 Pushbutton 2 Local:6:I.Data.2 I_PB2_no Pushbutton 2 (N.O.) Pushbutton 2 Local:6:I.Data.3 I_PB2_nc Pushbutton 2 (N.C.) Selector Switch 0 Local:6:I.Data.4 I_SS0_Pos_A Selector Switch 0 (POS A) Selector Switch 0 Local:6:I.Data.5 I_SS0_Pos_B Selector Switch 0 (POS B) Red Pilot light Local:7:O.Data.0 O_Red_PL Red pilot light Amber Pilot light Local:7:O.Data.1 O_Amber_PL Amber pilot light Blue Pilot light Local:7:O.Data.2 O_Blue_PL Blue pilot light In this assignment you will create alias tags for Allen-Bradley’s pushbutton RediPANEL. The pushbutton RediPANEL is an example of non-traditional universal remote I/O. Phase 1: Since the local I/O alias tags created in lab #1 (shown in Table 1) will be used in all new PLC programs, it makes sense to create a template PLC program. The local I/O alias tags will only have to be configured once since the template program will serve as a starting point for all of the remaining PLC programs used this semester. Create a template PLC program as follows:
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MFET 243 Lab 2 Fall 09 - MFET 243 Laboratory Assignment #2...

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