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MFET 248, Exam #1 Topics, Spring ‘10 page 1 of 1 MFET 248 – Spring 2010 Exam #1 Topics Time : Wednesday (3/10/10), 8:30 (ME, Room 155) Format : Closed book, closed notes – with the exception of a 3x5 index card (use both sides – handwritten notes only) Topics : 1) Lecture Material : “Introduction to The Adept Robot” “Programming the Adept Robot”
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Unformatted text preview: Working with Discrete I/O Discrete I/O Examples Programming Di/Do 2) Laboratory Assignments: Lab #1 Introduction to The Adept Robot Lab #2 Programming the Adept Robot Lab #3 Wiring and Testing Di/Do Lab #4 Robot Integration 3) From the text book: Text book Chapter 1...
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