Erotic Man vs Virtuous Man

Erotic Man vs Virtuous Man - Professor Boyer Philosophy...

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Professor Boyer Philosophy Dualism of Realms In Plato’s short reading, he displays two characters, Meno and Socrates, both of which are from two different sides of the dualist realms. It is easily observed that Meno is part of the sensible world where he is able to identify things through sight. In contrast Socrates appears to recognize with the intelligible world where he is able to think up ideas without any specific visual thought needed. With these two characters Plato displays the differences of these two realms with the fact that one is superior to the other, along with the differences of an erotic man and a virtuous man. Throughout Plato’s passage, Jacquette was able to identify that Meno appeared to be like an erotic man many times. Jacquette explained that, “An erotic man is not necessarily a person preoccupied with sex, although this is also usually an aspect of their character. Instead, an erotic man in the Greek conception is someone who is driven by desires of various kinds motivated in their actions by the wish to enhance their material status to gain things for their use and for the sake of the social prestige that often accompanies successful endeavors to gather not only the necessities of life but luxuries as well.” (P. 18) Meno’s first attempt of explaining what virtue is was easily denied by Socrates because it was very indecisive. He explained virtue with examples of different types of people and how they were virtuous. Since Meno appears to be thinking below the line in the sensible realm he is only able to form conclusions with visual thoughts to present to Socrates. Socrates asks many questions identifying the thick dualist line between the realms. He
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Erotic Man vs Virtuous Man - Professor Boyer Philosophy...

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