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MFET 474, Homework page 1 of 1 MFET 474 Manufacturing Integration II Homework #3 Fall 2009 Name (Last, First) _______________________________________________________________ The purpose of this assignment is to focus on the basic operation of AC induction motors and variable frequency AC motor drives. Step 1 : Find an article (or book chapter) that explains the fundamental operation of: AC motors (especially AC induction motors) AND/OR Variable frequency AC motor drives That is, the article can be on AC induction motors or variable speed AC drives OR BOTH. The article should be …
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Unformatted text preview: A technical article (not sales literature) which explains fundamental principles. More than 3 pages in length. This article should NOT be … Sales literature or an advertisement. More than 30 pages. An extremely advanced article – we are looking for introductory/basic material which focuses on fundamentals. Step 2 : Read the article (or chapter) and develop 10 questions with answers. Step 3 : Submit your questions/answers and the original article in electronic format (if possible) to your Instructor ([email protected]) ....
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