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MOTION INSTRUCTION Preceding Permissive(s) Succeeding Permissive(s) and Verification If Instruction Errors (ER)** MSO (p. 31) NOT DriveEnableStatus ServoActionStatus MSF (p. 34) ServoActionStatus NOT DriveEnableStatus MASD (p. 37) NOT ShutdownStatus NOT DriveEnableStatus AND ShutdownStatus MASR (p. 40) ShutdownStatus NOT ShutdownStatus MAFR (p. 47) PhysicalAxisFault NOT PhysicalAxisFault MAS (p. 50) Status of desired events to be stopped, based upon the Stop Type--see pp. 52 & 56. Multiple Status checks should be OR'd (separate branch levels). NOT Status of desired events to be stopped. Multiple Status checks should be AND'd (same rung/branch). THEN VelocityStandstillStatus MAH (p.60) NOT DriveEnableStatus* AxisHomedStatus AND AbsoluteReferenceStatus* THEN Check that ActualPosition is within desired tolerance of HomePosition MAJ (p. 65) ServoActionStatus IP bit AND JogStatus MAM (p. 75) ServoActionStatus IP bit AND MoveStatus MAG (p. 87) (none) DN bit AND GearingStatus (of slave) MCD (p. 98)
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