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Quick Start - 20A-QS001C-EN-P

Quick Start - 20A-QS001C-EN-P - Quick Start PowerFlex 70...

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Quick Start PowerFlex 70 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive When reading this document, look for this symbol “ ” to guide you through the 5 BASIC STEPS needed to install, start-up and program the PowerFlex 70 . The information provided Does Not replace the User Manual and is intended for quali±ed drive service personnel only. For detailed PowerFlex 70 information including application considerations and related precautions refer to the following: For Allen-Bradley Drives Technical Support: Title Publication Available… PowerFlex 70 User Manual 20A-UM001… on the CD supplied with the drive or at www.ab.com/manuals/dr PowerFlex Reference Manual PFLEX-RM001… Title Online at… Allen-Bradley Drives Technical Support www.ab.com/support/abdrives Step x Step 1 Read the General Precautions ! ATTENTION: This drive contains ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) sensitive parts and assemblies. Static control precautions are required when installing, testing, servicing or repairing this assembly. Component damage may result if ESD control procedures are not followed. If you are not familiar with static control procedures, reference A-B publication 8000-4.5.2, “Guarding Against Electrostatic Damage” or any other applicable ESD protection handbook. ! ATTENTION: An incorrectly applied or installed drive can result in component damage or a reduction in product life. Wiring or application errors, such as, undersizing the motor, incorrect or inadequate AC supply, or excessive ambient temperatures may result in malfunction of the system. ! ATTENTION: Only quali±ed personnel familiar with adjustable frequency AC drives and associated machinery should plan or implement the installation, start-up and subsequent maintenance of the system. Failure to comply may result in personal injury and/or equipment damage.
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English-2 PowerFlex 70 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive Quick Start ! ATTENTION: To avoid an electric shock hazard, verify that the voltage on the bus capacitors has discharged before performing any work on the drive. Measure the DC bus voltage at the +DC terminal of the Power Terminal Block and the -DC test point (refer to the User Manual for location). The voltage must be zero. ! ATTENTION: ConFguring an analog input for 0-20mA operation and driving it from a voltage source could cause component damage. Verify proper conFguration prior to applying input signals. ! ATTENTION: Hazard of personal injury or equipment damage exists when using bipolar input sources. Noise and drift in sensitive input circuits can cause unpredictable changes in motor speed and direction. Use speed command parameters to help reduce input source sensitivity. ! ATTENTION: Risk of injury or equipment damage exists. DPI or SCANport host products must not be directly connected together via 1202 cables. Unpredictable behavior can result if two or more devices are connected in this manner.
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Quick Start - 20A-QS001C-EN-P - Quick Start PowerFlex 70...

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