Exam 1 Objectives Spring 2012

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CIT 235 – Exam #1 Objectives Exam #1 covers Top Down Model & chapters 1-4 Top Down Model – notes on the course website; material not in textbook 1. Understand the productivity paradox 2. Understand the top down model and why companies use it? 3. Understand the key objectives at each layer 4. Distinguish between logical and physical technology design Chapter 1: MIS and You 1. Define MIS 2. Understand the five-component framework of an information system 3. Distinguish between data and information 4. Understand characteristics of good information 5. Distinguish between information technology and information systems Chapter 2 – Information Systems for Collaboration 1. What is collaboration a. What are the three critical collaboration drivers 2. How can collaboration systems improve team communication a. Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous communication 3. How can collaboration systems manage content a. What are the three choices for sharing content 4.
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