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BT4 - • Typed “sshd-generate” • Typed...

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Back Track 4 Installation and Configuration Installation Booted live cd (1024x768) Typed “startx” at prompt Clicked install script on desktop –or-- Opened Terminal and typed “ubiquity” to start the installer Followed onscreen installation * *If you are dual booting, it is just like dual booting any other OS. Create the partitions manually or use guided… Clicked Restart Now Configuring Logged in o Username: “root” o Password: “toor” Typed “fix-splash” Typed “reboot” Logged in as root Typed “startx” Typed “dhclient eth0” (brings up your wired NIC…)
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Unformatted text preview: • Typed “sshd-generate” • Typed “/etc/init.d/ssh start” • Typed “/etc/init.d/wicd start” • Navigated to KDE START | Internet | Wicd Network Manager • Connected to network * *If the network you are connecting to has security, expand the network by clicking the arrow next to the ssid and then click the advanced settings button. Under advanced setting you may set the security key or settings. • In Terminal, Typed “update-rc.d wicd defaults” Source: http://www.offensive-security.com...
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