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Biomedical Informatics CNIT 458 – SPRING, 2011 Take Home Exam – DUE by midnight on Tuesday, May 3 th , 201 (Please e-mail your answers in a Word document format to mdkane@purdue.edu ). Cite any references used in your answers (note: “wiki” citations are not allowed!). NAME: Write a short essay for each of the following questions: 1) Explain , in detail, how 1 gene can encode multiple proteins. Your answer should include a brief and correct description of transcription, gene structure (exons & introns) and translation. 2) Describe the difference between local and global sequence alignment approaches. 3) Describe the relationship between pharmaceutical prescription costs and US patent law. Discuss BOTH the pros and cons of extending the patent life of prescription drugs. 4) Describe 2 reasons (1 statistical reason & 1 genetic inheritance reason) why single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are more abundant in non-coding regions of the genome (i.e. outside the genes that encode proteins)?
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