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exercise_2_spring_11 - exercise#1 send me the following 1...

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Biomedical Informatics (CNIT458) SPRING 2011 Exercise 2 (KANE) For full credit, use the ‘aggregate’ results from exercise #1 (linked on course web site). You will use the CLUSTAL application for this multiple alignment exercise. THIS IS DUE BY Midnight, WEDNESDAY, JAN-26. Email your completed tasks to [email protected] ; providing… Use the CLUSTAL application to carry out a multiple alignment on the results from
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Unformatted text preview: exercise #1, send me the following: 1) The guide tree of the results (you may need to use a ‘print screen’ or ‘screen capture’, crop it down to the cladogram/guide tree. 2) The name of the organism closest to the HOUSE CAT, based on the alignments of the DNA sequence (actually, RNA) of acetylcholine esterase....
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