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Lec 2 - Lecture Notes Personal and Social Development Part...

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Lecture Notes Personal and Social Development, Part I Prof. P.Y. Mantzicopoulos Important Reminders ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ What to Read Next: Continue on Chapter 3 (Personal and Social Development) Are you regularly linking to the course website? Are you downloading the notes? Personal and Social Development: Unit Overview Personal Development o The role of parents o Development of self-concept & self-esteem o Developmental differences in personality Social Development o Socialization o Peer relationships o Forstering social skills o Promoting interaction among diverse groups Moral & Prosocial Development o Children's understanding of rules o Empathy o Acting in prosocial ways Diversity Why Do We Care? ____________________________________ ____________________________________
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____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ What is Covered in this Lecture What is personality? Influences on personal and social development Socialization Parenting styles Parental school Involvement The Personality Puzzle Individual differences
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