Lec 10 - Growing Finishing Buildings 3 Types 1 Totally...

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Growing Finishing Buildings 3 Types 1. Totally enclosed - environmentally controlled 2. Modified open front or curtain sided 3. Open front-outside curtain Totally Enclosed (EC) Pro's 1. Better temperature control 2. Consistent environment with temperature 3. Younger pigs can be fed 4. Lowest labor Con's 1. Most expensive $200-220/pig Modified Open-Front - Curtain sided Pro's 1. Less expensive than EC 2. Allows more ventilation in summer Con's 1. More management Open Front Pro's 1. Least expensive ($90-100/pig) 2. Can be easily constructed Con's 1. Most susceptible to weather 2. Most labor 3. Can produce run-off Roof Vent on Building Used to vent attics Air intake Exhaust air Advantages : Allows moisture and heat to escape from attic Prolongs life of roof and insulation What's Needed? Roof vents sized for specific use and building
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Constructed so they don't rust or corrode. Easily adjusted if part of ventilation system. Curtains with Automatic Controls Used to replace pivot or butterfly doors Advantages : Automatic control of ventilation Reduced temperature fluctuation Less air leakage What's Needed? Curtain, control, and hardware Maintenance program Insulated curtain on cold side New design of rigid curtain Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Chimney Ventilation Natural ventilation concept to use when buildings are more than 32 feet wide.
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Lec 10 - Growing Finishing Buildings 3 Types 1 Totally...

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