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How Things Work Brief Outline

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Matt Deis Professor Kmetz COMM 350-012 1 March 2012 Time Restriction: 3-5 Minutes Topic: Course Hero Specific Purposes: 1. What is Course Hero? 2. How does Course Hero work? 3. What is the Knowledge Drive? 4. What do I do? Introduction: Talk about college student study habits and how their time spent studying can be used to help others. Thesis: By becoming an active member of Course Hero a student will be given the opportunity to greatly enhance both their own and others’ academic experiences. Main Point I: What is Course Hero? A. What is it? 1. Where Course Hero started. 2. What is Course Hero’s goal. B. How does it help? 1. Percentage of users that increase GPA
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Number of documents currently available Main Point II: How Does Course Hero Work? A. User Submitted Material 1. Students upload documents. 2. Integrity policy. B. Monthly payment. 1. How much it costs 2. How much you can save. Main Point III: What is the Knowledge Drive? A. Basic premise. 1. Affiliation with Books for Africa 2. For every ten documents uploaded, one book gets donated B. Where do the books go? 1. Books For Africas mission 2. Trip to Gambia Conclusion: Emphasize how a simple contribution of time and effort can make a huge difference in both your life as a student and other students lives....
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