Memorbale Person-Brief Outline

Memorbale Person-Brief Outline - Matt Deis Mrs. Kmetz COMM...

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Matt Deis Mrs. Kmetz COMM 350-012 21 February 2012 TIME RESTRICTION: 2-3 Minutes TOPIC: My Brother; Ryan SPECIFIC PURPOSES: 1. Coming from a two sibling family, Ryan not only fills the role of an older brother, he fills the role of my only brother. While we were growing up, Ryan was the main source of most of my character building in that there was no one else I looked up to as much as him. 2. As the years have gone by our relationship has fluctuated through many different phases, some better than others. Yet, I have come to realize that the type of relationship in which two people are able to maintain as strong of a bond as me and my brother have throughout all of those ups and downs, is one that a person may come across a handful of times in a lifetime. 3. The journey of life has led my brother and I down two very different paths. My brother is currently a Sargent in the United States Marine Corps, and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Delaware studying Communications, Business Administration and Theatre Performance. This extreme polarization of situations and surroundings between myself and someone who is so close to me offers a type of perspective that, unfortunately, many other students do not have. INTRODUCTION: Sibling relationships. Many of us have had the fortunate yet often horrific experience of building a bond with a brother or sister throughout the years. I for one, as a child of a two sibling family, was left with no other choice but to build my sibling relationship with
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Memorbale Person-Brief Outline - Matt Deis Mrs. Kmetz COMM...

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