Chapter+8+JMP+Assignment+1 - Chapter 8 JMP Assignment 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8 JMP Assignment 1 This is your first computer based assignment using the JMP software, so we will walk through it slowly, step by step. Throughout the remainder of the semester, I will strongly encourage you to experiment with the class data sets and JMP after you have completed the assignment. Please, once you are done, play around to your hearts content. Explore, click on things and see what happens. But just get that assignment submitted first. Here we go. 1. Go to our class site on Sakai, go to Resources, open the folder labeled JMP Data Sets, and open the folder labeled Chapter 8. 2. Click on the file called Example from page The file should offer to open in the JMP software. Click OK . Note that the N = 23 observations are the same as those on page 151. Hence, the clever name of the file . 3. Navigate up to the top of the JMP window and click on the menu item labeled Analyze . Click on the first item in that menu which is called Distribution . The Distribution dialogue will appear. This dialogue is called a platform (platform is a JMP term). The window that appears should look like this: 4. Under the Select Columns heading you will see the only variable in this data set called Y on Page 151. Click on it and it will automatically be highlighted. 5. Click on the Button labeled 5....
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Chapter+8+JMP+Assignment+1 - Chapter 8 JMP Assignment 1...

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