Chapter+8+Optional+Exercise - Optional Exercise After...

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Unformatted text preview: Optional Exercise After Assignment 1 This optional exercise is designed to give you a little familiarity with JMP Data Tables and some of the things you can do with them. We are going to recreate all of the columns of data on page 151. We will do this through JMP “formulas.” A formula takes the values of an existing variable and manipulates them to obtain new variables. If you have any experience with formulas in an Excel spreadsheet, you will catch on to this quickly. Even without that experience, it is not hard. 1. Open the file “Example from page As before, you will see on the N = 23 observations from page 151. Move you cursor anywhere in the Table to the right of our existing variable and right click. The first option in the menu that appears is New Column . Click on that and a control box for your new column will appear. 2. The first thing we want to do is change the Column Name , which is currently “Column 2.” Highlight that name and just type over it. Let’s call the variable “Deviations.” 3. Next click on the drop-down box labeled Column Properties . The very first menu option is Formula . Click on it and the formula box appears....
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Chapter+8+Optional+Exercise - Optional Exercise After...

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