Chapter+12+JMP+Assignment+1 - Chapter 12 JMP Assignment 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12 JMP Assignment 1 In this assignment, you are going to analyze the data found in Table 12.1 (p. 234) and recreate the various statistics found on pages 236-243. We are then going to do the analysis again using completely nonsensical numbers to represent the two groups. 1. Go to our site on Sakai and open the folder labeled Chapter 12. Click on the file called “Data from Table” to open the data table in JMP. You will see that the data table has two columns, MOVS and GROUP. You can also see that these data are the same as Table 12.1, except the N = 49 scores are in two columns instead of four. 2. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the univariate statistics for MOVS. Click on Analyze and then on Distribution . Select MOVS as the Y, Columns variable. When you click OK , you will see the same set of distribution statistics you have generated several times before. This time, however, these statistics are not particularly useful. For example, the mean is 6.22, but this is the so-called “grand mean” for both the Normal and the Disordered groups combined. Go ahead and play around a bit. Obtain some More Moments and use the value of the variance to calculate the SS for MOVS. Does this correspond to the book? 3. Click on Analyze and Distribution again and put MOVS in the Y, Columns box. This time, however, put GROUP in the By box. This By concept is very useful because it tells JMP to calculate the distribution statistics for each value of the By variable. Because GROUP only has two values (1, 0), will get two separate distributions. Click OK . 4. Assuming you haven’t messed around with any of the default preferences in JMP, you will most likely have to two distributions arrayed in a long narrow strip. They are very hard to compare in this format. To change this, click on the Red Diamond by “Distributions GROUP = 0” and select Stack . See the way they line up for easy comparison. Also notice that we can now take a first look at the means of the two groups separately. 5. At one level this is easy. The GROUP = 0 has a mean of 5.68, and the GROUP = 1 has a mean of 6.79. There obviously is a difference and we will test that in a minute. First, let’s put this difference back into the context of our study. Take a look at Table 12.1 in the book (p. 234). Notice that the Normal children were GROUP = 1, and the Disordered children were GROUP = 0. As a result, we can now claim that the normal children scored higher on the Measurement of Nonverbal...
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Chapter+12+JMP+Assignment+1 - Chapter 12 JMP Assignment 1...

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