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3/1/12 Arab Americans 1/1±girardc/4700Arab.25.htm LHFWXUH 25: AUDE APHUlFDQV I. IPPlJUDWlRQ A. flUVW SHUlRG: late 1870s to passage of Immigration Quota Act of 1924 1. lGHQWlW\: refer “Syrians” regardless origin;later accept Syrian-American 2. UHOlJlRQ/UDFH: mainly Christian, Caucasian 3. QDWXUDOl]DWlRQ: not ineligible in 1880s because “Caucasian” 4. XQGHVlUDEOHV: seen as due to part 2 nd immigration stream 5. WKUHDW: seen enemies Christianity despite most were Christian 6. dRZ YV. u.s. 1915: denial citizen due “not white” reversed on appeal 7. ODUJH s\UlDQ CRPPXQlWlHV: 1st New York, 2 nd Boston 8. pHGGOHU NHWZRUnV: establish dif locations, enlarged into small stores 9. TXRWDV: few admitted 1924-1948 B. sHFRQG pHUlRG 1948-1965: some differences 1. RUlJlQ: 1 st per:Mt Lebanon; 2 nd per:all Arab countries mid-east, N. Af. 2. ses: 1 st : poor, uneducated; 2 nd : large proportion high ed, professional 3. UHOlJlRQ: 1 st predom Christians; 2 nd high proportion of Musliam
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