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3/1/12 Chapter 2 1/1 Chapter 2.McLemore, S. Dale . Racial and Ethnic Relations in America. I. 4 Stages in Robert Park¶s “Cycle of Race Relations”: 1. conWacWV, 2. compeWiWion, 3. accommodaWion, 4. aVVimilaWion II. 8 Subprocesses and 5 approaches in Milton Gordon¶s (1964) Model of Assimilation: Anglo Conformity/ Cultural Separ- Melting Pot Pluralist atist 1. Cultural high/ substitute high/add low language,values,norms, behavior, etc. 2. Secondary high high low represented in jobs, educ, residence, etc. 3. Primary high low low equal chance friendships outside own group 4. Marital high low low equal chance marry outside own group 5. Identificational high high/+2nd low identify as American 6. Attitudinal high high/pride low no racial/ethnic prejudice 7. Behavioral high high/recog. low no racial/ethnic discrimination
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